Conditions for Delivery

Delivery within Germany

Within Germany, delivery is carried out by Hermes courier service, DHL or another comparable provider. As of € 10.00 goods order value, no charges are due for the customer - all charges are taken over by Capella Pharma GmbH - Enzyme Shop. Under € 10.00 a delivery flat rate of € 2.00 is due to the customer.

Delivery to foreign EU countries

Delivery to EU countries other than Germany is usually made by DHL (or another comparable provider). Capella Pharma GmbH - Enzyme Shop takes part of the charges, the customer has to carry the other part. Charges are dependent on shipment weight. At most, 20kg can be shipped (otherwise the order is divided up into two or more partial shipments with at most 20kg each - for each of these partial shipments the delivery charges arise).

The proportionate costs for the customer are as follows :
up to 2kg: € 6,00
2 to 5kg: € 12,00
5 to 10kg: € 15,00
10 to 20kg: € 25,00.

Delivery to non-EU countries

Presently our products cannot be delivered to Non-Eu countries.